Write a Batch Script to Open Chrome

Whether you want to automate your routine tasks, doing some experiment or just setting up some pranks, Google Chrome supports command line and let you create a batch script file to control it. In this post, we’ll show you how to do that!

Opening Chrome

Use the following command to open Chrome. If there is an existing Chrome window, it will just open new tab instead.

start chrome "www.google.com"

To force open a new window, add the –new-window option

start chrome --new-window "www.google.com"

To just open a new blank/empty tab

start chrome "about:blank"

To open incognito mode, just add –incognito

start chrome --new-window --incognito "www.google.com"

You can create a batch script file or run it directly like this.


Closing Chrome

Use taskkill command to forcefully (/F option) terminate Chrome (/IM option) and all child processes started by it (/T option). You must have and run the batch script as an Administrator to be able to terminate the process.

taskkill /F /IM chrome.exe /T

Other Useful Options

These are useful execution flags that you might have a chance to use them. For full list of Chromium commands, please refer to peter.sh

–start-maximized Start Chrome with maximized window
–window-position Specify window position with –window-position=x,y
–restore-last-session Restore last browsing session
–disable-plugins Disable all Chrome plugin (extension)
–no-startup-window Launch Chrome as background without window
–screenshot Save screenshot of the loaded page



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