Have you ever stumbled on a coding issue or technical problem that you spent the whole headache day trying to figure it out? Heard that cool framework name many times but don’t know where to start learning? Or you just need a quick fix for something but don’t want to go through whole documentation? These are the reasons why Red Stapler exists!

Red Stapler was founded in 2015 by TK. A software Engineer from Thailand who spent most of his life chasing bugs. He just want to share his little finding and experiences as it might be useful for those who interested in web design and development. So that means all content is free and will always be!


Stay in touch with us via our YoutubeFacebook and Twitter! Oh and no developers except myself were harmed in the making of this sites 😀


Q: Why the name “Red Stapler”
A: It’s a reference to the red stapler from Office Space movie. I was watching it while working on this website.

Q: But the stapler in the logo is white?
A: Yeah, I know. Everybody asked me that. It’s just that I was lazy while working on the logo. And I happened to find a free-to-use white stapler image so….

Q: Who are you?
A: Name’s TK. I’m a Software Engineer from Thailand. Back in my corporate day, I was working with financial services company to develop solutions for US mutual funds and stock brokerage. After several years, I decided to quit to work on this site and my YouTube channel full-time.

Q: Why there are so many ads banner on your website! It’s so annoying!!
A: We need income to support our cost. 99% of our revenue are from Google AdSense. I have been contacted by many brands for a paid sponsorship or partnership program but turned them all down in the end after I read the terms. I just don’t want anyone to tell me how I should create my content. So that’s why I have to rely on AdSense for now.

Q: Which code editor that you use?
A: Mainly Visual Studio code. Notepad++ sometimes for quick edit.