7 Best CSS Libraries in 2019

Writing CSS from scratch is lots of work and rarely anyone will choose that route. Many web developers are trying to find libraries and frameworks to reduce the redundant effort and speed up the development process.

In this post, we’re going to show you 7 best CSS libraries in 2019 (rating from the most github stars, forks, commits and popularity) that can help you easily add the animation or setup the layout for your website in just a couple minutes. Let’s check it out!



Animate.css is a collection of a cool animation that can be applied to most of your element almost instantly. All you have to do is to add animate.css in the head tag. Then, add your animation class to the element and that’s it! You can check the demo page to see each animation in action!



If you’re looking for a CSS library to help you with adding image hover animation. Try ImageHover.css. A lightweight CSS library specialized for adding image hover effect. With free version you’ll have more than 40 effects to choose. But if that’s not enough you can purchase an extended version to have the full collection of over 200 effects!



Loading.io is one of the best CSS libraries for loading animation. Everything related to loading is here in one place. Spinners, Icon, progress bar and more. You can even customized the animation in detail using their online editor. Check out the page to see how easy it is.



If you want to add tool tips with out using JavaScript, Hint.css is the library for you. It’s simple, easy to use and lightweight too. check the demo page to see more options and how to use it!



If you’re looking for a CSS library to quick start your project with a pre-defined styles and grid layout. Try Skeleton. Just add it to your page and you will have all the basic styles such as typography, buttons and forms setup for you. And with the build-in grid layout, all you have to do is to add the number of column to the element as a class and it’s done.



mini.css is another awesome CSS library to provide basic template for your website. Similar to Skeleton but with more extensive features such as cards, menu, modal dialog, progress bar and more!

Font Awesome


Font Awesome is one of the best vector icon set library out there that is super easy to use. Just include the CSS file to your page, find the right icon for you and place the html where you want. You can customize the style and size by adding or changing the class. And even more options with pro version.

See a quick demo for all of them in video below!

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