7 Trending JavaScript libraries in 2019

It’s new year and it’s the time to review the interesting JavaScript libraries. In this post, we have the 7 trending JavaScript libraries in 2019 that might be useful for your project and boost up the productivity. Let’s check it out!



If you’re interested adding sound effect to your website, Howler.js is a JavaScript library for you. With literally just a couple lines of code, you’ll be able to play any sound with extensive options such as volume control, fading, playback speed and more. Additionally Howler.js supported mobile playback as well.

SweetAlert 2


A new version of a very popular JavaScript library. Sweetalert2 is a beautiful, responsive and customizable popup library for everyone. There are tons of example on the demo page that you can quick start your project. Ranging from a classic popup message to AJAX request or even a complex chaining modal dialog!



If you’re looking for a JavaScript library to help formatting your input. Try Cleave.js!
With a couple lines of code, you can literally format anything. For example, credit card number,
phone, date, time, number and even custom format.

If you’re interested, don’t forget to check our Cleave.js tutorial video below!



If you want to take the screenshot of the webpage with JavaScript, HTML2Canvas is one of the best library for this job. It gathers all the information of all elements on the page and renders the screenshot. Try the demo and see how easy it is!



Adding animation with JavaScript is easier than ever. popmotion is a very flexible library that can help you with all the hard part. Here are the example of what popmotion can do with just a few lines of code.



Typed.js is a JavaScript library designed specially for adding typing animation. You can put in any strings, set the type speed and it’s done. There are many options such as pausing, backspacing speed, cursor style and more. Check out our typed.js quick tutorial video if you want to see a step-by-step implementation.

Scroll Magic


scroll magic is one of the most popular scrolling JavaScript library. It can do almost everything related to scrolling behavior that you need. From basic stuff like detecting scrolling position and parallax effect to advanced stuff like multiple direction scrolling and element scaling. Check out the demo page to see all the features!

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