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Top 5 Code Editors for Web Developers in 2019

If you’re looking for a nice code editor, we might be able to help you! In this post. we’re going to talk about the 5 most popular code editors in 2019 and their key features. Let’s check it out!



Atom is an open source project started by github which is now owned by Microsoft. It’s a highly customizable editor. Featuring multiple panes, autocomplete, lots of theme and add on package with built-in package manager.


It also has a unique feature like teletype that let people work on a same file at the same time.

The major problem of atom is performance. It slows, takes a while to open and even crash when opening large file.

Visual Studio Code


Introduced in 2015, VScode has quickly become one of the best and most popular editor.
VScode is also based on electron framework like atom but it’s quite faster and more responsive. It’s easy to use, just install and it’s ready to go for almost anything.


It features intellisense and autocomplete, built-in git support, lots of great extensions and highly customizable options.

Sublime Text


Sublime used to be the king of code editor in the past before the Atom and VScode existed. Still Sublime is one of the best and most popular editor today. It features excellent user experiences. Split editing layout. Quick project switch, super fast speed , distraction-free fullscreen mode and more.


The only downside is it’s not free. You’ll occasionally get a reminder popup to buy the full version for $80 dollars price.



Notepad++ is a very simple yet effective editor. It’s plain and simple but get the jobs done. It doesn’t have the sophisticate options like others but their speed and performance are unmatched. That’s why Notepad++ is exceptionally good at making a quick and small changes like configuration and batch files. Perhaps that’s the reason why it’s still remain one of the most popular editor today.




Bracket is one of the most popular editor supported by Adobe. It features minimalist design and unique features for web development


Bracket Inline editor let you make change to CSS associated with the HTML directly without having to switch the file.


The Live preview is also a powerful unique feature that auto update and preview your code change on the browser immediately. Also when you put a cursor on your code, it will highlight the element on the browser for you.


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