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How to Ethereum Pool Mining with Gaming PC

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain, very few people would know these words few years ago. Who would have thought that it’s now a future. In this article, we’re going to step into crypto-currency world and show you how to mine Ethereum with your very own PC! You can simply turn your gaming rig into a mining rig in just a couple minutes.

Choose a Mining Pool

So first, before start mining – we need to pick a mining pool. This is the recommended way instead of solo mining if you do not have a serious mining hardware (for example, gaming PC with 1-2 GPUs) Because chances are very low that you’ll find a block and could end up mining for weeks with nothing in return. For pool mining, you can share your processing power and earn the Ethereum coin proportionately to your contribution to the pool (well.. after deducted some pool fees)

There are lots of avaiable pools out there but In this tutorial I’m going to use

ethermine pool

Create Your Wallet

To join mining pool, Most pool required that you only need just your Ethereum wallet address. No need to sign up. this means you mine anonymously which is a plus.

Pick Your Mining Tool

Next you need a mining software. Each one has their own advantages and fallbacks – some even have fees but you’ll be able to customize or optimize it further for your GPU. Anyway, I’m going use ethminer (formerly called Genoil) for this tutorial. Simply download it from github.

To config your miner, you will need to create a batch file. So let’s go back to the instruction on the mining pool website. You’ll see a default setting which should works well for most GPU. Well, let’s go with the that setting for now.

ethminer setting

Pickup the server that is closest to your location. Also pick a backup server just in case.

ethermine server setting

Next put in your server/backup and Ethereum wallet address. This wallet is where you will get paid for miner fee. Then follow by a dot and your mining machine name (Can be anything, it’s just a name for reference)

ethminer bat setting

Start Mining

Execute the batch file to start mining. It will take about couple minutes, but once you start to see the hash rate show up, then you’re good to go. Below is my hash rate at 13.43 Mh/s – You can see my full PC spec here

ethminer hash rate

Now to check your mining status, just put your wallet address into the search box. You will see your hash statistic and your current unpaid balance which will be release to your wallet once it reaches the payout threshold. Please noted that this page will be updated at 10 minutes interval so you’ll need to wait a little bit.

ethermine status

Now what’s left is to wait for your rig to do the job! That’s all the basic yet essential of how to mine Ethereum in a mining pool. You can see this tutorial in action from our video below. Stay tune for more technical tips and tricks like this by subscribing to Red Stapler channel.

One comment

  1. I tried looking for the specs, didn’t see the GPU but anyway. You should’ve specified that you actually need to tune up your GPU for mining.
    It can even improve your hash rate and cut the power usage and thermals.
    And after you want to game just restore your settings, get back to mining and put your mining setting.
    I really recommend to not game and mine at the same time.

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