5 webdev tools to save your time
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5 WebDev Tools that Will Save Your Time

Web development can’t be easier these days with lots of resources and tools to aid you. If you’re not taking advantages of these, you might missing some few tricks. In this article, we have picked the top 5 WebDev tools that you will love! Let’s go check them out 😀



Flat Icon is a trending these day with minimalist and flat theme design. But you don’t have to draw them up from scratch anymore with Flaticon. You can pick the model icon from categories then adjust the color, size and more!

Favicon Generator


Wondering how to put a Favicon on your website? Let Real Favicon Generator Do it for you. Just upload your favicon and it will generate all the necessary code for you. Just copy, paste and done



Simple but effective, HTMLShell will generate a HTML skeleton for you. You can pick what you’ll need to include in your HTML file. For example, JQuery, Modernizer, X-UA-compatible and more.

Lorem Ipsum Generator


This one is your best friend if you want some lorem Ipsum text to populate as a dummy content for designing or testing purpose. With Lipsum, you can choose desired language and how long your lorem Ipsum should be



CSS Icon is becoming popular. However, if you not sure how to create your own, Fontello is for you. You can pick the existing icon and make your own font set. Or upload your own image and convert it to font file.

See all of them in action in our video. Feel free to subscribe to our channel to stay tune!

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