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5 Web Design Layout you should not miss

Trying to find new ideas for your web design? In this article, we have brought you 5 cool looking web page layout that will make you site stand out from the crowd.

Parallax Layout

Parallax layout has been there for a while but Parallax.js is different. Customize your own parallax effect for your site on mouse movement or gyroscope for mobile users!


Grid and Brick Layout

If you site does feature lots of pictures, grid or brick layout is a perfect match! And Masonry will make your life much easier. You can customize all the grid detail and lazy loading is a plus.

masonry layout

Vertical Scroll Thru Layout

Why not? It’s easy to navigate. But wait, it’s not that same old boring scroll thru site. With Super Scroll Orama, you can add stunning visual effect to DOM element while scrolling through such as fading, spinning, flying, changing color, move, bounce and more!

super scroll orama 

Full Page Vertical Layout

Simple and clean. Very suitable for minimal design theme. Responsive and also mobile browser support

vertical layout

Column Layout

If you want to separate your site into multiple column, you came to the right place. This layout will transform your page into individually scrollable content panels. Click at the image below and try out the demo for yourself!

column layout

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