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5 Cool CSS Loading Animation You Should Checkout

Showing a loading animation is a great way to enhance user experience for your website. It tells user that something is working in background and (probably) not hanging or freezing. A good animation also make the wait less boring for the visitor. So in this articles, we have handpicked 5 Cool CSS Loading animation that you should checkout! (click at the image to download)

Note: Some (or most) of them utilize CSS3 transformation so some older browser might not support.

Various Page Loading Effects

css loading effect 1

A stylish way for a pure CSS and SVG loading animation suitable for AJAX/dynamic content by Mary Lou


css-loading animation 2

If you’re a minimalist designer, check out SpinKit. A simple yet cool loading animation!


css loading animation 3

Another cool pre-loading with CSS transformation and SVG.

Google Loader

css loading animation 4

Recognize that colors? It’s Google!


css loading animation 5

Pure CSS loading animation. Clean design and easy to implement. Pick what suit you most!

See all of them in action in our video. Feel free to subscribe to our channel to stay tune!

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